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Making a difference to education

Books, digital learning, consultancy services and conferences

Dafolo is market leading when it comes to developing skills and providing books and digital learning to Danish schools and pre-schools. Our product range includes pedagogical and psychological non-fiction targeted at pre-schools, schools and university colleges.

Our range of products and services is targeted towards teachers, pedagogues, school administrators, pedagogical consultants, student teachers and teachers of graduate or postgraduate programmes.

Making a positive difference to learning every day
Whether we publish a book, develop a digital tool or carry out skills training our mission is always to make a positive difference to the end-user’s professional everyday life. We have positioned ourselves in the market by emphasizing a focus where research is adapted into actual tools to be used in practice, combing theory with the daily life in schools.

Our editorial areas include schools, pre-schools and university colleges where we publish knowledge-based pedagogical and psychological literature and develop digital tools. We also provide skills training through a team of qualified consultants. Our consultancy services and skills training primarily focus on professional learning communities and co-teaching within schools and pre-schools. 

International collaboration
We follow international trends and research closely in order to keep our customers up to date with the latest findings in the world of education and learning. We work together with internationally renowned authorities like e.g. Professor Marilyn Friend, founder of Challenging Learning James Nottingham, Professor Carol Dweck, Professor Andy Hargreaves, Professor Pasi Sahlberg and educational researcher Robert J. Marzano. Our collaboration includes translation of bestseller publications into Danish and hosting conferences were international researchers are keynote speakers.

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Foreign rights

Dafolo is greatly interested in cooperating with foreign publishers. Many of our publications have been translated and published in Norway and Sweden and in addition we have translated publications from the Nordic countries, Germany, and England.

If you would like to translate one of our publications, please feel free to contact foreign rights manager Mette Johnsen Elbeck on mje@dafolo.dk. Mette will assist with the registration and send copies of the book.

Our business partners

Collaboration with partners for the mutual benefit is a fundamental part of our approach to continuous improvement of the products and services we provide. Thus, meaningful and long-term relationships with domestic and international partners are contributing to strengthening our position through expanding business and adding value to our customers. 

Below, you find a list of our partners including a few words about the scope of our common activities.


Challenging Learning

In collaboration with our partner, Challenging Learning, we organize conferences, courses and professional development. Our collaboration also includes publication of books about topics such as mindset, feedback, dialogue, and metacognition.


Simon Sinek og Peter Docker

In collaboration with our partners, Simon Sinek and Peter Docker, we organize conferences and publication of books that teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. E.g. we have published Simon Sinek and Peter Dockers bestseller Find Your Why in Danish (Find dit hvorfor) to be followed up with a Danish version of The Infinite Game (expected Oct. 2019). 




University College Copenhagen

In collaboration with University College Copenhagen and the University of Auckland, we have developed a professional leadership course entitled “Growing Great Student-Centered LeadersTM” adapted to educational leaders in Denmark.


Center for Curriculum Redesign

In collaboration with Charles Fadel from Center for Curriculum Redesign we publish books about how to teach 21st Century Skills. In coorporation we have published Fire-dimensional uddannelse - kompetencer til at lykkes i det 21. århundrede - a key to understanding the next phase in curriculum development, the future school and student knowledge and skills in the 21st century.




Skolelederforeningen is an association of Danish school leaders with a mission of providing its members with qualified advice and guidance within further education and training that strengthen leadership skills. In cooperation with Skolelederforeningen we have published the series "Ledelse ligetil". 




DPU, University of Aarhus

The series "Læringsløft" comprises a number of publications that provide research based knowledge about current educational issues for professional practioners in primary schools. The publications cover educational research and knowledge within school leadership, classroom management, inclusion and differentiation of didacties of subject.



University of Auckland

In collaboration with University of Auckland and University College Copenhagen we have developed a professional leadership course "Growing Great Student Centered LeadersTM" (GGSCL) and adapted it to educational leaders in Denmark.


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